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Kyrgyzstan Yurts and splitboarding


Want a completely new experience? How about a week splitboarding in untamed Kyrgyzstan?


 After taking a ride from the airport as far as the road leads in a Soviet UAZ military bus we will spend the night in the local village. The following morning we tour up to the Yurts we will be staying in whilst the horses carry our equipment. 

We then will spend the remainder of the day and the next 6 days riding the incredible terrain straight out of the yurt. 

Returning to the village on the last day and then Sunday we will go and experience the local market. 

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3 yurts in the wilderness of

Eastern Terskey Ala-Too Range, Kyrgyzstan

Location Japan

What's Included


  • Accommodation.

  • Airport Transfer.

  • 7 days of Guiding.

  • All food and drink (alcohol at extra cost)

  • Bazaar Kün—Market Day 

Not Included:

  • Flights.

  • Accommodation for the last night before flying home.  

  • Splitboards and Avi kit (unless required)

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Whats included (japan)


3 yurts in the backcountry of Kyrgystan. One for the kitchen and eating one for clients and one for the guides. 

Located 2600m above sea level and 6 miles away from the nearest village only accessible by splitboarding. 

Wood heating inside and fire pit outside with the best views and of course the most incredible backyard.



All you need to organise is return flights to Bishkek airport and we will do the rest. 

Please arrange your inbound flight to arrive at Bishkek airport by midday on the 9th of March. 

We will then be returning to the airport for midday on the 17th of March. 

Logistics (Japan)
Get in touch (japan)
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