Map Skills & Navigation Course

Learn to navigate and map read with our one day course. We'll teach you how to interpret contour lines, orientate your map, use a compass and other techniques so you don't get lost in the mountains. These are the skills you need to learn if you want to adventure into the mountains and enjoy everything they have to offer. The course is one day with a morning in the classroom and an afternoon on the hill putting theory into practice. This course is perfect if you are thinking of getting into splitboarding or doing your level 3 & 4 BASI exams (Mountain Safety and EMS).

The format for the day:

Meeting at 9am for the "classroom" section covering: contour interpretation (what does the map tell me the ground looks like, and what will the map show for a given feature); orientating your map so your map matches up with what you're looking at; using a compass to take a bearing and how that can help know where you are and where to go; how to re-locate if you're not quite sure where you are; how to plan a route.

We'll go out on the hill using the knowledge from the morning session to locate and lead the group to places on the map. Everyone will get a go at leading to a location while the rest of the group will have to try and relocate once we arrive.

Equipment Required
Everything you'd normally take for a days snowboarding, Espace Killy ski pass and a pen or pencil. If you have it: compass, map cover, map of the Tignes area (3633 ET), transceiver, shovel, probe and rucksack to stash it in.


December 19th 2019

Only £100


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  • Tignes

  • Val d'Isère 

  • Sainte Foy

  • Les Arcs

  • La Rosiere

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