Off piste & Backcountry 

 We all love the off-piste, but it can be challenging for those who are new to it and the risk level also goes up as we venture further away from the safety of the pistes. 


At Freedom Snowboarding we will show you the best routes that the Espace Killy has to offer in a safe and controlled manner. With years of experience riding and guiding off-piste here in the Espace Killy, we have a wealth of local knowledge. Whether you are new to it and would like to learn how to ride off-piste, get to grips with the safety equipment required to venture off-piste or simply be shown the best bits, we have something for everyone.


Half day off-piste - From £210 

Full day off-piste - From  £420

(maximum 6 per group)





Please get in touch for more information


Please note additional safety equipment is required (transceiver, shovel, probe and a backpack)

all available for hire from Freedom Snowboarding for £15 per day. 



For the more adventurous of you who are comfortable riding off-piste and would like to learn something new or venture away from the tracked out powder in eyesight of the resort and get deep into the incredible backcountry the Espace Killy has to offer.


Introduction or half day Splitboarding - From £210

Full day Splitboarding - From £420 


(maximum 6 per group)




Please get in touch for more information


Please note additional equipment is required and all available for hire in resort and not included in the price. 


   Required equipment includes;

- Split board

- Split board bindings 

- Skins 

- Poles  


- Avalanche safety equipment

- Packed lunch for full day